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Monday, August 19, 2013

Does You Home Need Interior Therapy?

       Today I am featuring one of my favorite celebrity designers, Jeff Lewis.  I have loved watching his series "Flipping Out" for five years and his new show "Interior Therapy".  You have to add "Interior Therapy" on Bravo TV Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm, there are several other times it is shown, put it on to DVR because you will soon be hooked.  The clients he helps are in need of "life therapy" as well as "interior therapy".  Jeff listens very carefully with their wish list of things and proceeds with what he really thinks they need.  All always ends well, with the help of his capable, calm and soothing assistant Jenny.  Jeff's acting is very entertaining and as for his design skills...see for yourself.  I feel like arguing with him just so I can have him into my home!  You will know what this means when you watch his show.  Do Not Miss.

The Sherman Oaks home BEFORE

The Sherman Oaks home AFTER

This talented designer works exceptionally well with those soothing earth tones.  His favorite array of colors is available as paint and is a very high quality, you can order it online at his COLOR STORE: