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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Single Most Important Home Accessory

The correct lighting selection will greatly enhance your room--

     The "bones" of your room are selected.   You have placed the sofa, chairs, and tables.  You have a few pillows on the seating pieces for color, and you have hung a couple of pieces of art.  Something is still missing.  Your room will never come to life without the properly selected lighting.

     Here are some pictures of beautiful rooms that are complete with the selection of the single most important room accessory --the lighting.

 There is no doubt this is a beautiful room already.  Sometimes a room can be enhanced with beautiful lighting and sometimes the lighting is needed for function.
This is another beautifully designed and interesting room, however the living room can be the hardest room to properly light.  The addition of the extra lighting solves that problem, and gives an additional accessory to the room to and provides lighting function.


Here are some other well designed rooms, and the lighting is definitely one of the most enhancing room accessories.
 This popular designer, Jan Showers, knows every detail that creates a perfect room.  Her style is always fresh, yet timeless.  She definitely uses lighting as an important part of any room.

Shades of Light 

 This room has personality plus, a large part of which is enjoyed due to the large drum light hanging from the ceiling, providing interest and function.

Picture courtesy of
 Restoration Hardware is showcasing two beautiful chandelier pole lamps.

picture courtesy of First Lady of the House blogspot