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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tis the Season for Dining

Featuring 14 Favorite Dining Rooms

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This is a beautiful dining room, formal yet not stuffy. It has a warm, friendly feeling.  Neutral colors with lots of different textures make the soft color palate work well.  The touch of accent color is a soft turquoise, which is a color that will set the stage for adding decorations in the holiday seasons.

Designed by Jay Griffin
This dining room is a well appointed mix of contemporary, antique and electic things.  The chairs look like metal outdoor chairs, but look how inside and dressy they become mixed with this interesting antelope table.  The use of colored glass give a slight color pop and is a nice accent with the piece of art.

Designer Chad Eisner
Love the mix of art pieces.  This talented designer from Venice Beach, California used a neutral dining set and added the color and interest in the room with his choice of window treatments, and art pieces.  If these clients updated anything years down the road, it could easily be done with different art pieces.  The dining set is very classic and is timeless in style.
Designer Jonathan Adler

I have to stand in line to claim this talented designer as one of my favorites.  His use of color has dragged our neutral rooms into an enjoyable, happy, and comfortable style.  His rooms are just fun to look at, and they always appear ready to be used for entertaining.  He is a master at mixing patterns and strong colors, yet no one color takes over a room.  I have his number on speed dial, ready for when I win the lottery!

Help me name this designer

This is a warm dining room.  The mix of many colors of whites against the mocha brown walls is a great mix.  There is plenty of lighting to allow any sort of mood set when dining here in the evenings.
I can just see 6 friends dining and sitting for hours talking the night away in this comfortable room.
Help me Name This Designer

This is a casual dining area that is part of a living room-dining room combination.  The slip covers on the chairs are linen and the texture, plants, windows and flooring make this a very organic space.
This is a sophisticated and appeal dining room.  Use of black and white in design is very popular, an the touches of lime green keep it from becoming dark, even with the black walls.
Designer Tom Schereer

This is a very family friendly casual dining room.  The gallery wall and the blue and white platters dress up the room and create some interest.  The use of navy walls with the wood ceiling create a warm, inviting room.

Jennifer Mabley

This design firm specializes in Interior Design in the Hamptons.  The use of color is very dynamic and conducive to a vacation home on the water.  It is sure to be a lively dinner party at this home.

Color, comfort and interest, this simple dining room has it all.  The blue strie walls are color and texture and a great backdrop for the impressive art.  The chair mix and the white table legs are a classic style and the color keep it from becoming too formal.
Fox-Nahem Designs

 Simple classic lines on the table and the accessories create a style background in the dining room, and it is finished with perfect soft orange comfortable chairs.
Kirsten Kelli Designs

This dining room is stunning, created by the 2 talented sisters Kirstin and Kelli.  Featured in Veranda magazine, the Design Firm operates in the Dallas, Texas area.  There are so many areas of interest to enjoy here, that you simply must be invited to dinner, so that you have time to take it all in.
Michel Niehn
This dining room is from a French farmhouse that has been restored by Michel Niehn in Provence.  The colors and texture mix are classic styling of this type of property.  The use of large pottery pieces are so appropriate and then it is finished off with a dazzling crystal chandelier.

This is a really eye catching modern dining room.  The shantung wallpapered wall is a great backdrop to the fab hanging balls chandelier.  The turquoise chairs are sophisticated and comfortable looking, and colorful enough to be present in this very artfully created dining room.

Now all you have to worry about is the cooking, the flowers, the guest list..............