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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Selecting a Coffee Table

The coffee table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a room. This is a piece of furniture that can have many jobs to perform. The selection you make determines if it does it's job well.  

Ten things to consider on selecting a coffee table 


1. Distance from sofa no more than 18" away 


This position gives you space for your legs, also close enough to be reaching for your drink, snacks, book or anything on it. 


2. Height of table 


The height of your coffee table should be about 2" lower or higher than your sofa. It should not be the same height as sofa. This is for comfort and best visual appearance. If you need a spot for appetizers when entertaining, a table 2" higher serves this.

Jonathan Alder $1750 42" wide


3. Storage 


Do you need extra storage in the room? This is a good place to put a piece that will accomplish that. Drawers in a table are good for holding remote controls, coasters, pens, book or other items that you do not want out on the table, but you want to easily reach, a bottom shelf can help with storage. You can use a couple of the decorative boxes you find at Home Goods or other type of store use it to contain stuff you do not want to leave out on the table. 

Bunny Williams red art table $1900 40" wide



4. Give your room a Designer's touch


If all your furniture is of one style, this is your change to mix it up a little for more interest. A metal frame with a glass top looks great if all your furniture is woods. If your room is looking too formal for you, is a good time to use one of the large ottomans for a more relaxed style. If you actually need a table for both ends of the sofa you use a pair of matching bunching tables, or a pair of smaller ottomans. 


5. Need extra seating 


Use a larger coffee table that will look well with a pair of small ottomans pulled up to it to give you extra perching spots for entertaining. 

Grandinroad $299 and 30" wide

Grandinroad table above, use 2 of these for large sofa, makes a real statement look for $600!


6. Create interest using color 


 Every room should have one additional color to contrast with the rest of the room. You can do this with a contrasting pillow, or ceramic garden stool, you can also do this with a splash of color in your coffee table. Don't be afraid to make this your statement piece. 

from Zinc Door $499 and 45" wide


 7. Consider size and shape 


If all your hard furniture pieces are with square edges, making your coffee table round creates extra interest. For size, larger is better looking than smaller. Do not go larger than 2/3 the size of your sofa, but a common mistake is using a table that is too small. If your room is small, still use a larger table, you can use fewer pieces of furniture to compensate for space. 


8. Coffee table as an art statement 


You can really make a statement piece out of a coffee table. You can use a hand painted Asian trunk, a funky glass table with twisted legs, a Family Room piece with each leg a different color, a homework spot with colorful small ottomans that are 5 to 6" lower than the table, and the coffee table becomes the star of the room. 


9. Coffee table as a Butler  


When you are entertaining, a larger coffee table can hold enough appetizers for about 10 to 12 people. Also keep plenty of napkins & plates on the table and you will be a hostess that can actually sit and enjoy your guests. Using the table keeps people out of your kitchen, since guests follow the food. If you have a dinner party, you can serve dessert and coffee from the table, thereby letting your guests have a place to sit comfortably and linger for conversation. 


10. Coffee table as a game table


This is a great spot for a family gathering. Drag out the Monopoly game or Uno and remember how much fun it is playing with your kids.