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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bathroom Envy - Karen Wilson's Ideabook via Houzz

For the past several years, bathrooms have been the room in your home that has had the greatest advancement of new, luxury design elements.  There are many, many new textures in tiles, glass, marbles and ceramics and many new color combinations developed.  Even a DIYer can buy a
complicated mosaic strip of chips pre-made into an unbelievably complicated pattern and adhered to a strip that is easily laid down. 

There are after finished, bath accessories that can be added, such as heated towel racks, jetted srpay panels for a steam jet shower, home sauna kits, and other luxury items that can be added to bathroom.  You find sinks in ceramic, glass, marble, metal, and wood.

So, I was very excited to see  Karen Wilson's  new ideabook on HOUZZ which lets us see some of the new innovations, as well as seeing them in my Fav black, white and gold color scheme.

Take a look and suffer "bathroom envy" with me.  Then go over to Houzz shopping and check some new ideas for products in your own bathrooms.

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Karen Wilson's Ideabook