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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Iconic & Classic Black & White

Using the colors together of black and white is often called iconic, a concept, dramatic, or classic.  In home settings, it can be mixed with each other and only a single other color for added drama and make a room warm and inviting.

 Black & white pillows from Allmodern.com, trio of vases from Aidengray.com, drapery from Target.com, rug from InteriorHomeScapes.com, chair from jossandmain.com, accent curvy table Morph Nates from Lumens.com, checkerboard cannister Polka Dot Penguins from bridgecatalogue.com, 2 chairs and 2 ottomans from Centuryfurniture.com, valance from Frogandtheprincess.com,  folding table from onekingslane.com, black and white pillow from homedecorators.com, oblong pillow from velocityanddesign.com

    Using black & white in your interior design creates a very strong look, and it becomes quite dramatic when enhanced by a third color. 

Dresser from Hautelook.com, pendant lighting from fab.com, ottoman from onekingslane.com, letters rug from Esprit Rug from decorug.com, animal hide Holmes ottoman from my2designers.com for $1198, checker board table from KathyKuohome.com, Boland chair from Emmersonetcie.com, black rug from Houzz.com rugs for sale, 3 vases from onekingslane.com, 4 pictures from onekingslane.com, black & white table is unknown.

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 Mcalpine Booth & Ferrier  2. Ellen Bloom 3. House Beautiful 4. 4.bp.blogspot.com  5.   zsazsabellagio.com

When black and white are used together in Fashion Design, it is a bold statement and apt to be remembered, long after it has left your presence.  Black & White is drama at the highest level and often takes on a Couture feeling even in ready to wear.  Designers Chanel, Valentino, Georgia Armani and others often used these colors.

 Dress on top left, vintage Valentino 1980's, black dress with white ruffle Stephane Rolland, next dress top row Antonio Bernardi, last dress top row Oasis, computer bag by Kate Spade, 2 tone bag by Burberry.com, clutch by Anna Hindmarch the Ebenezer, shoe by Christian Louboutin.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Make a Good Home Impression

The entryway is the place where guests will form an impression of your home--

     What does your entry way say about you.  

           It's the cleaning lady's day off--
           I was too busy to get ready for you--
           I am leaving the entry way last for my decorating budget--
           I am so happy you have come to visit me!

     Give this area of your home your best efforts, it will make you feel good when you come home & it will make your guests feel extra welcome.

     Here are some of my favorite first impressions of a beautiful home, I feel welcome already.

picture courtesy of 1.  blog.thepinkpagoda.us 2.www.houzz.com  3.  sueellengregory.com  4. brookegiannetti.typepad.com   5. tinywhitedaaisies.tumblr.com

        Any of these entry ways would really hope the hostess would ask "would you like to see the rest of our home"?

centerpiecess.tumblr.com  2.  thepeakofchic.com  3.  phoebehoward.com  4. stylewithinreach.com   
5. kravet.com

     The following entry ways meet every criteria of a checklist for best dressed foyer.  You are making me beg --"please may I see the rest of your home"?




if you know the credit for this beautiful entry please advise me