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Monday, August 25, 2014

Best Master Bedrooms Appealing to Men & Women

      There are feminine Master Bedrooms and there are masculine Master Bedrooms.  In my Interior Design practice I have often been called in as a referee when each person wants their own style.  Since the average Interior Designer with fabric samples has, at any given moment, approximately 9000 fabrics that they will be sorting thru for the client, there is absolutely no reason why a Master Bedroom decision cannot please both parties.  The following beautifully designed Master Bedrooms certainly proves that point.  They are appealing to both sexes, a great mix of color and textures and a room design pleasing to any wishes.

from Digsdigs.com
 The above room is muted dusky fabrics which could appear more masculine but are softened by the mix of textures, including fur like fabric, and the use of gold, which is a glamour color.

from Digsdigs.com
 The above room has the very classic favorites:  black, white, and red.  There is a wood look, contemporary dotted window treatments, a pediment over the bed, all tied together as one really appealing Master Bedroom.  This room style should make any couple happy.
Elle Decor

Fancy Cribs
The above room is as neutral as they come.  Yet the mix of high and low coloring of the neutral purposely mixed textures presents as neither masculine or feminine.  There are swirls and hard edges and that magnificent light fixture is a Wow selection.

Fancy Cribs
 The above Master Bedroom at first glance may appear except for a couple of items.  The color blue is consistantly chosen as a man's favorite color, must have something to do with blue eyes, and the pattern is paisley, also a man's favorite pattern
Fancy Cribs
 This room above could be anyone's favorite.  Blues and greys, a mix of textures, a cozy reading spot, and a telescope to watch the sky make make for a winning room to suit all.
in style indulgences

Jonathan Adler

 The room above is by Jonathan Adler Designs.  I have never seen a room of his that I did not like.  You have to appreciate the approach to design.  First there is leopard and a fur like fabric throw, and flokati side rugs, all of those are a very sophisticated look.  The beautiful Morrocan diamond pattern rug balances out the room and the weight of the white poster bed.  The whimsey single pillow keeps everything from being too proper and sophisticated.  His work is appreciated by a variety of both men and women.
Emily Jenkins Foliowill

 The colors here above are a very mix.  Black and white is always a strong combinaiton and the addition of carmel balances it well.

 Above:  This is a personal favorite of mine, I am a black & white devotee.  The Greek key accent makes this look classic and timeless.  Sometimes a client wants twin beds in the Master Bedroom and this is a great look tieing the beds together with a single canopy treatment over them.


Above:  The stripes!  They are speaking to my artistic side, and blues and yellows have become very classic as a color combination.  After we got finished with the Sunflowers of the last decade, yellow kind of hung around and morphed into this beautiful mustard color, and using it with a mid-range blue has become a great color mix.  It's not too feminine and not too mascaline, just a perfect appeal.

Style at Home
 Above:  Another great black and white from Style at Home.  Accent colors of lime and deep rose give a hint of softness to the look.  The arrangement at the foot of the bed just makes you want to sit for a pot of tea.  Hopefully they are not facing a big screen TV.  This is really a classy and sophisticated bedroom look.

Toby Fairley

Above:  One of my favorite designers, Toby Fairly designed this probably as a guest room.
I enjoy her work so much I wanted to share it with you.  The combination of the linen high headboards and the classic plaid in browns and camels at first appears more on the masculine side.  Then she has added the leopard rug and lady's desk which definitely edge the look to a more comfortable in between style.  Anyone would enjoy being a guest in this room.
Tom Filicia

This talented designer, Tom Filicia, is someone whose work always interests me.  He has a talent of puting things together that look effortless.  This room is welcoming to all types of personalities and there is a real soothing effect in a room that is very subtle in color.