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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Console - Use One in Every Room - Part 2

In Part 1 on The Console, I shared the list of my favorite consoles priced under $500.  Depending on the style, we talked about various uses for this multi-purpose piece of furniture.  This is a great selection, all price under $500.  Each piece is pictured and price with link to shopping site in Part 1.

Now I will show you visual ideas for the use of consoles in some unexpected rooms and spaces.

This console below is a really classic piece from Grandinroad, which is part of the Frontgate Group, priced  under $400.

Grandinroad $399

 Here are some things I gathered from OLIOBOARD, the premier online site for creating mood boards, and I thought would show you how this piece would be used in a variety of rooms.
You could use this similar design in a:
          Foyer, Family Room, Living Room, Master Bedroom, wider hallway, upstairs Landing, and any area of the home where there is space to just sit down and enjoy the space.

Mood Board created from Olioboard.com
Here is the finished look for this Grandinroad console:

     Our next console is a prize purchase from Target.com.  This stylish and trending soft grey with white accents piece is only $340, and use Targets ship to store option to escape the pesky delivery fees.

Here is a selection of things I have pulled together to fashion a sophisticated Guest or Master Bedroom.  Some of these items are very pricey and yet Target's piece fits right into the plan.

mood board created using Olioboard.com

 Here is the finished look for this welcoming room, enhanced by the addition of a $340 console.

The next console is a favorite of mine, this piece is really multi purpose.  I am showing it to you in two completely different settings.  The piece is from Crate and Barrel and also well priced.

The first arrangement is used in a typical Living Room application.  Used behind the back of a sofa which has it's back facing into the room.  Great spot for extra lighting as needed.

The last image is of a more unexpected use for this style of console.  You can use it as a breakfast table or quick snack place in a small kitchen area.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Console - Use One in Every Room! Part 1

 Part I

Some designers call it a console, some call it a sofa table.  Whatever label you want to use, it can be the focal point of any space.  I will show you various ways to use these pieces to create a focal point in Part 2.  I particularly like the word "console" because in my mind I am thinking the verb "to console" which means to comfort.  My console comforts me, it gives me inspiration and satisfaction.  What other piece of furniture can you change the look of on a monthly basis, and never buy anything new to do that with?  Just hear your partner saying, "honey, did you go shopping today" every time you change the look.  Most of us design enthusiasts have boxes of "collections" and other items we would love to use and visually see on a daily basis, but with the current clean design trends and our busy lifestyle makes life easier to not have everything we own out on display daily.  This is where a console comes in.  You can change the vignette display as often as you want, with a change in vases, books, color, objet d'art, or even seasonal tree branches, and by scrounging thru your own "collections" give that focal point new life.
above from Bed Bath and Beyond for $403
The console above could be used anywhere you need extra storage.  Consider it for a bathroom to hold extra towels, between 2 beds instead of night stands, in mud room with baskets for shoes, behind a sofa for a serving piece during parties, in a breakfast room as a coffee-tea station, in a casual foyer. From Bed Bath and Beyond it has multi-purpose and is well priced at $403.

Designed by Holly & Martin purchase for under $500 from Bellacore
This piece of furniture has so much style and usage for under $500.  Use this in a teen's room instead of a night stand to hold just anything.  Use this as a flat screen TV stand, lots of places to hold remotes so they don't wander.  Use this in a breakfast room for napkins, place mats, toaster, serving pieces. Doesn't everyone need additional storage in this area?

BELOW:  Doesn't this picture just make you want to grab your $400 and hurry to crateandbarrel.com
Such a beautiful piece, glass top black frame, what's not to love?  This is also that perfect width to place those 2 ottomans you have been wanting to buy but didn't have a spot for.  It's so very helpful also when the online sites show you the piece of furniture, than tease your imagination further to show you how to use it.  One of these pieces with a similar look is a real basic addition to almost every room I am designing for clients.  In blog post Part 2, I will be using the above consoles that are shown bare in several vignettes to jog your imagination for your own home.

Form and function for any space from Crate & Barrel at $420
Style, function, priced at $420 from Cymax + free shipping
This sofa table serves a big extra need.  It actually flips open to use for a serving table.  Use this as a card table, a serving table and a dining table as necessary.  Use for those parties you have as a beverage station instead of using your kitchen counter, helps keep those guests out of the kitchen, well almost, just maybe, let me know if that works!  A really good investment of $420 and a very handsome piece of furniture that would mix with any style you are using.

Designed in a Swedish style from Wisteria for $399

A well loved style is Swedish design. Characterized by light colors, white washed woods, subtle carvings, and visually serene. In past years we would decorate all of the room in this style. Today, look how well this piece is used with a variety of styles: we have pictured - industrial basket, modern vase, farmhouse rooster, and cottage country chair and hat. Swedish design has proven it plays wellwith all design styles. Well priced and well styled from Wisteria, put it anywhere you want interest.

Metal and wood from Gage Furniture for $299 - Hurry it is a closeout!

 I wouldn't normally list a closeout that may not be available when you click on it, especially since "we bloggers" are thinking our words of wisdom will be around for awhile.  But, Gage Furniture has so many nice pieces, that they will have some comparable pieces for selection at a later time, and this piece was too stylish to not share with you.

A traditional piece from Lamps Plus for $360. and free shipping

In Part 2, I will use this traditional piece above, with some more modern accessory pieces on it, to show you how those contemporary accessories that you have fallen in love with will still work with your own traditional furniture.  This is another piece that would just go anywhere for a variety of uses.
Another great piece from Target only $340

A really stylish and all purpose use from Target, and a great price of $340.  At 46" wide and only 15" deep, this would hold all necessary items as a true sofa table.  This width is perfect behind that sofa whose back is open to the room.  Wide enough for 2 lamps. drawers for remotes, bottom shelf for books or baskets, depending on what your need is for its placement.

This piece would also be great in a smaller family room, the width gives you a spot for a 40" TV and the space underneath could hold most anything in baskets that would also hide any falling cords.  With a width of 15" you won't have an overpowering media console.  We have almost moved away from all those corded things, even a ROKU box is going away with their new memory stick you just plug into a USB opening.  Let's all give a little cheer for cords going bye bye!

Yes, really!  from Lowes.com online only, under $200
If your partner is a proficient DIYer, or thinks they are, you can say, "well honey, how much did you spend at Lowes last year?"  You are sure to be able to order one of these at only $188.  This is a basic and classic style that could fit into traditional, contemporary, modern, whatever you are using.

Great style, use and price from Grandinroad at $399

Grandinroad has really stepped up in their designs and trying to keep pricing lower.  It has become one of my favorite companies when working for clients within a budget.    A lot of their pieces have become, not fill in pieces, but the real focal point of the room.  This piece resembles a piece that was inherited, not just purchased.  It is a great farmouse style which we know works almost anywhere.  You change the style by what goes on top and below it.

COME BACK FOR PART 2 TOMORROW!  See vignettes created for consoles use in various rooms.  Get different ideas on how you can use in your own home.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Neutral Design Boards

I have had several recent requests for neutral design boards showing how to mix textures for interest.
Here are some recent designs.

        Neutral on a Sunny Day

         New York Neutrals

             In The City

        Browns in the City

     Browns in the Basement

        Serene & Peaceful

These rooms are all neutrals, some enhanced by subtle colors, all with a good mix of texture to keep the rooms interesting.