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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Make a Good Home Impression

The entryway is the place where guests will form an impression of your home--

     What does your entry way say about you.  

           It's the cleaning lady's day off--
           I was too busy to get ready for you--
           I am leaving the entry way last for my decorating budget--
           I am so happy you have come to visit me!

     Give this area of your home your best efforts, it will make you feel good when you come home & it will make your guests feel extra welcome.

     Here are some of my favorite first impressions of a beautiful home, I feel welcome already.

picture courtesy of 1.  blog.thepinkpagoda.us 2.www.houzz.com  3.  sueellengregory.com  4. brookegiannetti.typepad.com   5. tinywhitedaaisies.tumblr.com

        Any of these entry ways would really hope the hostess would ask "would you like to see the rest of our home"?

centerpiecess.tumblr.com  2.  thepeakofchic.com  3.  phoebehoward.com  4. stylewithinreach.com   
5. kravet.com

     The following entry ways meet every criteria of a checklist for best dressed foyer.  You are making me beg --"please may I see the rest of your home"?




if you know the credit for this beautiful entry please advise me