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Monday, September 16, 2013

Favorite Houzz Living Rooms for Today

I love these rooms selected from Houzz.com.  Hop over to their site and see what your choices for favorite Living Rooms would be.

I just love the dramatic use of black walls, yet you would call this room "light and airy".  The bookcases are artfully arranged with black, whites and some metallics.  The mix of wood legs on the upholstered pieces and the metal on the glass coffee table give a fresh classic look to the room.

courtesy of Laura Hay, Design and Decor

courtesy of Urban Development
Oh!  What a ceiling!  This is a beautiful ceiling design by Urban Development.  This is a small living room and the furniture was selected with each having some personality to balance out the ceiling.  There is no need for any crown molding or other architectural embellishments.  The colors are fresh and timeless, and the rug is really well selected for this room, color and fresh style.

picture courtesy Tom Stringer Design Partners, Houzz.com

This is a very usable layout for a large living room.  It is broken into mini rooms for different usage.  The table in front of the fireplace is beautiful as it is and has varied uses as well.  I can picture a family cozied up in front of a fire working on a puzzle or playing a game.  I can also envision a friendly bridge foursome.  So often in today's casual lifestyle, the living room is the unused area of a home,  Tom Stringer Design Partners have given this Lakeshore Dr home a multi-purpose layout that may become a family's favorite gathering spot.  The designer has even addressed proper lighting to enhance table use.  Kudos, TSDP!

picture courtesy Staples Design Group Houzz.com

This combined living space would convert anyone to a open floor plan fan.  Using lots and lots of white give the area a light airy feel, and the entire area is mini spaces connected to each other by the lack of wall.  This type of floor plan is perfect for young families who want to keep an eye on their children's activities as well as aging couples that desire fewer footsteps to have access to rooms.  This beautiful area is designed by Staples Design Group, as shown on Houzz.com.

picture courtesy CWB Achitecture and Design NY

This is a small room and has been so well updated to allow a seating space for six.  The colors are fresh and current, and the feeling is dressed up, but welcoming.  The window molding gives the room an important look and provides architectural interest.  Great design by the CWB Architecture and Design Group in New York.